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In this dark and colorful world of corrupted robots, you, a good and happy robot venture out on mission to reboot all corrupted robots and make this world happy again.


  • Music is not set to loop. So as a workaround the player has to enter or leave target mode to play the music.
  • The debug pickups are still showing up in the game level at the start.

* These bugs are not intentional, I just forgot to fix it 😅



Target Mode



Unreal Engine 4

🤖3D Models

Blender 2.8


Audacity + Freesound


DL Sounds : Music Box OLDI | I-Robot2


Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | ArtStation


If the game is running slow, please adjust the graphics settings in the settings menu.

Currently a pause menu is not implemented. So if you want to change the settings after you started playing, either you would have to close and reopen the game or get eliminated.

Everything in this game (except the music and some sound FX) were made within the time period of the Jam.


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RoboReboot.rar 42 MB
RoboReboot.zip 51 MB

Development log


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First commenter? Woo! , Thank you for making a short but fun game.The game itself is unique it feels like a game you could casually play for hours in a relxed kind of "playroom style game"
 The only real negative feedback i can give is the first gap you need to jump over the ledge seems to clip you through, the camera is a little too close and slows down the play as you have to keep trying to get to a point you can see your bot, the aim is a little off centre (maybe due to camera)and the controls could be a little snappier on the bot as the gap with all the posts in is near impossible to complete and the map could be a little more lit up, aside from that a great little game as i mentioned earlier it definately has they key point that it is fun to play.

Thanks for playing and making the video, really glad you liked it. And also thanks for the amazing feedback 😄

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Thank you again for taking the time to make such a fun game i cant wait to see more in the future! 😊